"It is beyond doubt that in coins lies a treasure which offers almost the only chance of penetrating the darkness that still envelops so much of history."
Robert A. G. Carson
British Museum

Oh what stories "Biblical Coins" can tell!

In the Handbook of Biblical Numismatics you will see evidence of Alexander the Great's triumph in the Holy Land. You will even view portraits of two infamous femme fatales -- Cleopatra and Salome.

You will learn that the first strictly Jewish coins were not struck until 40 years after the Syrian King Antiocus VII had granted Simon Maccabeus permission.

You will understand why -- with only isolated exceptions -- no Jewish coins were minted showing a portrait. And you will discover ancient Hebrew inscriptions expressing the struggle for religious freedom and political independence.

Ancient coin symbols are explained -- including the Jewish Temple Menorah (on a coin struck by the last Maccabean King) and the Roman Augur's Wand (on the coins issued in the year of Jesus' execution).

You will read the stories of the Widow's Mite and Tribute Penny ... and see rare coins that actually show the Ark of the Covenant (Ten Commandments).

There is no better way to learn for yourself and teach your children the history of the Holy Land and the religions nurtured there -- and enjoy every minute of it -- than through coins.

I hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Note that all “H” numbers beneath the illustrations refer to David Hendin’s “Guide to Biblical Coins, 5th Edition” which is highly recommended if you want to dig further into this subject.

Mel Wacks

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