You are invited to see and hear 60-second biographies of the following honorees in the Jewish-American Hall of Fame. Click and enjoy! They are listed in chronological order. Or you can watch the complete video. All rights to these videos are reserved by the Jewish-American Hall of Fame.



Jews Who Helped Columbus (1486-1492), Abravanel, Santangel, Zacuto & Torres

Haym Salomon (1740-1785), Revolutionary War patriot                           

Gershom Mendes Seixas (1745-1816), Patriotic Rabbi during Revolutionary War

Touro Synagogue (1763), National Historic Site in Newport, Rhode Island          

Rebecca Gratz (1781-1869), Philanthropist & established first Jewish Sunday School 

Uriah P. Levy (1792-1862), Navy Commodore                                      


Ernestine Rose (1810-1892), Equal rights pioneer


Levi Strauss (1829-1902), Clothing manufacturer


Emma Lazarus (1849-1887), Statue of Liberty poet


Louis Brandeis (1856-1941), Supreme Court Justice


Adolph Ochs (1858-1935), New York Times publisher


Henrietta Szold (1860-1945), Founder of Hadassah


Houdini (1874-1926), Magician & escape artist


Benjamin Cardozo (1870-1938), Supreme Court Justice


Judah Magnes (1877-1948), Religious leader & educator


Bela Schick (1877-1967), Developed Schick Test for Diphtheria 


Herbert Lehman (1878-1963), Senator & Governor of New York


Irving Berlin (1888-1989), Songwriter

Albert Einstein (1879-1955), Nobel Prize winning physicist  

George Gershwin (1898-1937), Composer


Golda Meir (1898-1979), Israel Prime Minister


Isaac Bashevis Singer (1904-1991), Yiddish Writer & Nobel Prize Winner


Benny Goodman (1909-1986), "The King of Swing"


Hank Greenberg (1911-1986, Baseball Hall of Famer


Jonas Salk (1914-1995, Polio vaccine developer


Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990), Conductor & composer


Isaac Stern (1920-2001), Violin virtuoso


Elie Wiesel (1928-2016), Author & humanitarian

Barbra Streisand (1942-  ), Entertainer & philanthropist  
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